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AT A GLANCE: Soil Sisters

“We help each other develop home-based entrepreneurial ventures, help make our agricultural community more vibrant, and help more local women step into leadership positions. We have found a lot of power in shifting from ‘it’s all about me’ to the more collaborative ‘it’s all about us.’” —Kriss Marion and Lisa Kivirist, Key Co-Founders, Soil Sisters

STARTUP SNAPSHOT: Perfect Pie Company

"We are passionate about making quality American pies using extraordinary regional ingredients that highlight the best of small farming agriculture. We craft our products with love and pride. We strive to bring the experience of luxury directly into our customers’ homes." — Bill Yosses, Chef/Owner

STARTUP SNAPSHOT: The Wine RayZyn Company

"Our company specially dries California wine grapes and turns them into crunchy superfood snacks. We harvest these premium wine grapes at the peak of their flavor and then specially dry them with the seeds and stems intact.
We knew we had a great 'idea' for a business when everyone said, 'Wow, why didn’t anyone else think of that?'”
 —Dr. Chris Cates, Co-Founder/CEO