AT A GLANCE: Salt & Honey Catering & Events

“I LOVE what I do. I live and breathe food. I can’t imagine doing anything else and I brought in individuals who follow my vision and feel the same, and we collaborate with sincere, personal inspiration.” —Olivia Colt, Founder/CEO

AT A GLANCE: Edible Communities

“By publishing the kind of information our magazines cover, people can make better decisions about their food, and as consumers vote three times a day with their forks, the collective impact of these efforts is enormous.” —Tracey Ryder, Co-Founder/CEO


“Through food popups and cultural events I honor and celebrate the traditions and customs of my ancestors and share them with friends and people who want to learn.” —Anya Peters, Founder/Owner

STARTUP SNAPSHOT: Perfect Pie Company

"We are passionate about making quality American pies using extraordinary regional ingredients that highlight the best of small farming agriculture. We craft our products with love and pride. We strive to bring the experience of luxury directly into our customers’ homes." — Bill Yosses, Chef/Owner